Overall Benefits of Suma Extract

Suma is a dried root from a vine that is native to South America. It was originally introduced to the United States under the name Brazilian Ginseng, although it is actually a separate plant. The native people refer to it as a cure-all and use the root in tonics for the general health benefits. Believed to help with energy levels as well as rejuvenation, scientists were interested in studying the potential health benefits of suma extract.

While there are many health claims about natural products, the suma root has been studied by medical experts. Dr. OZ, a reknowned doctor who hosts his own television show to help educate the public, talked about the role of suma and cancer. The root releases chemicals into the bloodstream with help to shut down cancerous cells and stop them from growing.

In other studies, suma roots have been shown to be beneficial for several diseases including cancer. In a study recently performed, mice who had tumors were given different levels of the root extract. After 20 days, scientists studied the mice to see if the extract had decreased the tumors. They found that the number of tumor cells had decreased. Additionally, the suma root had anti-inflammatory effects on the mice.

Unfortunately, there have been few studies on the benefits of suma root extract tin humans. Since it is a common practice to study the effects on animals before humans, these studies are still in the early stages, but people can expect them in the next 5-10 years. For anyone who might be interested in taking a suma root supplement, it is available in many health food stores. It comes in tea, powder form, or capsules. usually the capsules contain 500 mg and a typical dosage is 500-1000 mg. The suma root has not been found to have any adverse side effects.

In addition to the anti-cancer effects of the suma root, it can also be used for many other common conditions. Since the native people of South America used it for a cure-all, the benefits of the root are numerous. Many people attest that the root has powerful anti-stress benefits and can help when they are feeling overwhelmed. Individuals also found that taking the suma supplement helped with energy levels. They said that they weren’t as tired throughout the day, and the compounds in the suma root could contribute to overall energy.

While the exact health benefits of suma extract are still being studied, many doctors and researchers are hopeful that this natural root may prove effective in helping to manage diseases like cancer, and also help with energy and stress levels.

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